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 (bē-ä′lĭ-stôk′, byä-wĭ′stôk)
A city of northeast Poland near the border of Belarus. About half the city's population was killed by Nazi occupation forces (1941-1944). Today it is an industrial and transportation center.


(Polish bjaˈwɪstɔk)
(Placename) a city in E Poland: belonged to Prussia (1795–1807) and to Russia (1807–1919). Pop: 315 000 (2005 est). Russian name: Belostok


(ˈbyɑ lɪˌstɔk, -wɪ-)

a city in E Poland. 268,000.
Russian, Belostok, Byelostok.
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Tenders are invited for performing repairs of longitudinal and transverse cracks of bituminous surfaces in the city of bialystok
Jewish Bialystok and its Diaspora, by Rebecca Kobrin.
Summary: Two freight trains carrying oil and petrol have collided in the Polish city of Bialystok causing a huge explosion.
Two of the Lower East Side's remaining great Jewish institutions still proudly bear the name of the Polish city of Bialystok: the Bialystoker Center and Old Age Home on East Broadway and the Bialystoker Synagogue on Willett Street.
Research suggests that if a neural system is repeatedly exercised, it, like a muscle, will blossom (Bialystok & Martin, 2004; Bialystok, 1999; Bialystok et al., 2005; Bialystok & Shapiro, 2005).
Tenders are invited for selection of the contractor for the modernization of the nuclear medicine facility and modernization of the rooms for the day care center of the usk hematology clinic in bialystok
To baranowicka st.) and pavements and bicycle paths along with the construction of the bus loop between jk branickiego, Piastowska and warszawska streets and the necessary technical infrastructure in bialystok.
Contract awarded for renovation of the gable wall in the building of the army museum in bialystok
Contract award notice: Non-cash refueling of sp zoz wspr vehicles in bialystok (poland-bialystok: Diesel oil)
5 with 69 apartments, With a 65-story underground garage, Including development and utilities, Small architecture, Internal access roads and parking spaces, On plots with geodetic numbers 1458/90, 1458/94, 1458/93 , 1458/92, 1458/46 478/12, 478/9, 478/14, 479/25, 491/8 and 1462/54 in bialystok, Ul.
Contract award notice: Open tender for construction works execution of sanitary sewerage network in brzechwy street (task 11.4) and sowlanska street (task 11.5) in the city of bialystok - contract no.