n.1.A great drinker; a tippler.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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of Vancouver bought two Arkansas sawmill and lumber manufacturing operations: Travis Lumber of Mansfield and Bibler Brothers Lumber of Russellville, among the only independent owners left in Arkansas.
Facts: David Bibler was a volunteer member of the board of directors of Excel Academy, an Ohio not-for-profit tax-exempt private school.
It views students as persons of culture (Bibler, 2009).
Reiter, Keramet and Susan Bibler Coutin 2017 "Crossing Borders and Criminalizing Identity: The Disintegrated Subjects of Administrative Sanctions." Law csf Society Review 51(3): 567-601.
This is the condition for creativity in the quest for truth, justice and liberty, for as the Russian philosopher Vladimir Bibler observed, 'Culture can live and develop, as culture, only on the borders of cultures' (Epstein, 1995, 291).
Jared Bibler, head of enforcement for the blue-chip SIX Swiss Exchange, has opined that more market manipulation cases could yet be reported.
Bibler's "'As If Set Free into Another Land'" and the "Eating Nat Turner" chapter in Vincent Woodard's <i>The Delectable Negro</i>.
Haylen Janesofsky and Spencer Bibler led the Pirates (19-8, 14-2) with 13 points each.
James Bibler, president of D4 Industries, a small machining company where Sullivan worked last summer, is fine with her, too.
The first one is based on the paper by Sarah Bibler and Elaine Zuckerman on unpaid care work in World Bank projects.