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The resulting graph is called as "Bradford Bibliograph." Thus Bradford's law of scattering consists of verbal formulation of theoretical speculation; and the graphical representation by plotting empirical data.
For example, BIBFRAME (BIBliograph ic FRAMEwork) is an RDF vocabulary developed by the Library of Congress as an eventual replacement for MARC 21 records.
Enhanced with a ten page bibliograph (Sources and Further Reading), and a comprehensive index, "Cobbold and Kin: Life Stories from an East Anglian Family" is very highly recommended for community and academic library collections.
After they spent three days there in early February 1815, Jefferson observed, "They are fine young men, indeed, and if Massachusetts can raise a few more such, it is probable she would be better counseled as to social rights and social duties." Jefferson commissioned Ticknor, "the best bibliograph I have met with," to buy him rare editions of the classics during his tour of Europe.
"out toward the fading light / of day gone, star fallen's / feather drift's a fire inscribed imploded / but beyond bibliograph / spoken's dream said outward / flare offers freedom as gift"
* An annotated bibliograph of essential works in our field compiled by Gerald Aired New practitioners and students, especially, will find this listing of resources to lye an excellent basic bookshelf.
One also wishes that McFarland and Company would include bibliograph ies in their publications.
the acclaimed author of Young Adult Fiction, this annotated bibliograph y reviews picture books, young adult fiction, short stories, nonfiction works, and biographies for young readers.