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n.1.A library.
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Occhipinti presents a historiographical study of the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia (HO) that defines its relationship with fifth-century and fourth-century historical works as well as its role as a source of Diodorus' Bibliotheke.
Dessa maneira Atena se torna uma especie de protetora da condicao feminina, lembrando que ela propria opta pela virgindade e tambem vivencia uma situacao semelhante a de Cassandra, quando Hefesto tenta violenta-la (PSEUDO -APOLLODORUS, Bibliotheke, 3.
Diodorus' mythistory and the pagan mission; historiography and culture-heroes in the first pentad of the Bibliotheke.
Diodoro dedica el libro V de su Bibliotheke a hablar de <<las islas>> (ta nesiotika, V, 2.
Along the way I should like to play on the multiple meanings of the Greek word bibliotheke.
The Greek bibliotheke became the Latin bibliotheca and literally meant "book-case," which could stand for an inert collection of books.
It is generally agreed that Ephorus was Diodorus' source for Books 11-16 of his Bibliotheke,(5) the invasion of Xerxes being narrated within the first thirty-seven chapters of Book 11.
In its arrangement and content the Catalogue was similar to the Bibliotheke of Apollodorus, a prose work of the first or second century A.
Un valor anadido de la Bibliotheke radica en que mas de cien de los textos estudiados han desaparecido para nosotros, siendo la noticia que de ellos proporciona San Fotios la unica disponible.
Diodorus Siculus who, in his universal history, the Bibliotheke Historike, actually calls historians |ministers of divine providence', and Dionysius of Halicarnassus, who shows a similar interest in the divine ordering of history, suggest fruitful areas of comparison, whilst Josephus promises rewards for attention in this area, since not only is he engaged in a 'translation' enterprise, but providence and the will of God are constant themes in his Antiquitates Judaicae.
Stylianou, reviewing Sacks' book, concludes that `study of the ways of D[iodorus] is of value only because it helps to establish the nature and worth of the sources which underlie the Bibliotheke.
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