a.1.(Bot.) Having two callosities or hard spots.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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byroni in the basal area of labrum weakly bicallose, scutum and metanotum convex, and yellowish tarsi (Fig.
Head 1.2x wider than long; mandible slender, simple, gently curved toward apex; basal area of labrum weakly bicallose at apex; clypeus about 3.0x broader than long, with distal third projecting below lower tangent of compound eye; interalveolar distance ~0.8x alveolorbital distance; interocellar distance as long as ocelloccipital distance, 1.3x OD; ocellocular distance as long as OD; scape 6.0x longer than broad; pedicel longer than broad; F1 about as long as broad, as long as pedicel, slightly longer than F2, F3-F10 each longer than wide, each longer than F1 and F2 individually; F10 longest; compound eye about 2.3x longer than maximum width in profile view, 1.2x wider than maximum width of gena in profile; gena gently protuberant posteriorly.
Basal area of labrum weakly bicallose at apex; tarsi (excluding basitarsi) yellow to yellowish brown (except in M.