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1. Composed of or based on two legislative chambers or branches: a bicameral legislature.
2. Medicine Composed of or having two chambers, as an abscess divided by a septum.

[bi- + Latin camera, chamber; see chamber + -al.]

bi·cam′er·al·ism n.
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1. a legislative body having two branches, houses, or chambers.
2. advocacy of bicameral structure. Cf. unicameralism.bicameralist, n.bicameral, adj.
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In addition, the evolution of Shura resulted in the adoption of the bicameral system, which includes the State Council and Majlis A'Shura under the umbrella of the Council of Oman.
In a bicameral system, the Senate is left out of a significant decision that affects its constitutional mandate.
Since we have a bicameral system of government, the Senate cannot but intervene because what we will submit to Malacanang as an enrolled bill is the same enrolled bill the Speaker of the HOR has already signed.
It now means the amendments to extend the period has been referred to a National Assembly session for a joint vote, which has never happened since the introduction of the bicameral system in 2002.
Mr Waweru adds that this will ensure the National Assembly is properly scrutinised, including reviewing all its decisions as is the case in the bicameral system of parliamentary democracies.
It had housed the session halls of the Philippine Assembly, the first Supreme Court, the Lower and Upper Houses of Congress when the bicameral system was adopted, and the City Council of Manila.
He cited particularly the bicameral system -- Shura Council and Council of Representatives -- the National Audit Court, the Public Prosecution and the Supreme Council for Women (SCW).
The architects of our constitution had the same idea in their minds when a bicameral system of parliament was envisaged in the constitution.
Wahid's successor was Megawati, and during her tenure the Constitution underwent major revisions, including the establishment of a bicameral system of representation, rules on general elections and clauses relating to social justice.
The exact changes are detailed and complex, but they would move Italy away from a perfect bicameral system, in which the Chamber of Deputies and the upper Senate are roughly equal.
Opinion on a bicameral system of legislature world over has been sharply divided with some being of the opinion that a second chamber is essentially undemocratic as it can override the opinion of a directly elected House.
Erdoy-an supports the formation of a "Turkish-style" presidential system -- a strong unicameral rather than bicameral system that he claims will help the country' advancement by eliminating "multi-headedness" in state governance and thus pave the way for a more effective decision-making system.