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1. Composed of or based on two legislative chambers or branches: a bicameral legislature.
2. Medicine Composed of or having two chambers, as an abscess divided by a septum.

[bi- + Latin camera, chamber; see chamber + -al.]

bi·cam′er·al·ism n.
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1. a legislative body having two branches, houses, or chambers.
2. advocacy of bicameral structure. Cf. unicameralism.bicameralist, n.bicameral, adj.
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Addressing the media outside the court after filing the case, Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen said since the inception of the bicameral Parliament, the Assembly failed to observe the procedure as laid down in the Constitution.
The Speakers of the bicameral Parliament have appointed an eight-member mediation committee to develop a consensus on the divergent positions adopted by the Houses on the revenue bill.The Senate has picked Finance and Budget Committee chairman Mohamed Mahamud, Minority Whip Mutula Kilonzo Jr, Majority Whip Susan Kihika and Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina.
Public sector workers in Nigeria have been under intense economic pressure for years, in a country where political office holders, including members of the bicameral parliament, collect some of the biggest pay cheques in the world.
The faction "Ak Zhol" of the lower house of the Kazakhstan's bicameral parliament asked the country's prime minister to consider the possibility of calling the country in official circulation the Kazakh Republic.
"No one can accept such statements regarding the integrity and independence of the Bahraini judiciary," the Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee of the Shura Council, the upper chamber of the bicameral parliament, said.
He proposed bringing changes in the electoral system, introducing bicameral parliament and enactment of a coordinated law for the local government.
Executive power is vested with the national cabinet which is headed by the prime minister, who works coherently along with the bicameral parliament and the judicature.
In the Muslim-Croat Federation a bicameral parliament will be elected that includes a president and two vice presidents.
On Oct 3, a day before the assembly sitting, by-election for the Senate seat, vacated by Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar after being appointed as Punjab governor, will also be held and assembly members will cast their vote to elect a new senator to represent the province in the upper house of the bicameral parliament.
MP Mohammad Al-Dallal, member of the delegation representing the National Assembly (Parliament) Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that he and his colleagues were informed extensively about work proceedings at the Senate (Upper House of the French Parliament) and the National Assembly (Lower House of the bicameral parliament).
Burma's bicameral parliament today unanimously approved Part 1 of the Union Accord, a bill that signals its intention to establish 'a Union based on the principles of democracy and federalism'.