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(Biography) John. 1615–62, English theologian; founder of Unitarianism in England


(ˈbɪd l)

1. John, 1615–62, English theologian: founder of English Unitarianism.
2. Nicholas, 1786–1844, U.S. financier.
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He had cheated old Wilkins out of his freehold by a trick fit for a pickpocket; he had driven old Mother Biddle to the workhouse; he had stretched the law against Long Adam, the poacher, till all the magistrates were ashamed of him.
And Mother Biddle and Long Adam, the poacher, are not personalities," said Fisher, "and suppose we mustn't ask how Verner made all the money that enabled him to become--a personality.
At the return of peace, Astoria, with the adjacent country, reverted to the United States by the treaty of Ghent, on the principle of status ante bellum, and Captain Biddle was despatched in the sloop of war, Ontario, to take formal possession.
As he reascended the Biddle Stairs, he heard what he decided at last must be a sort of echo, a sound of some one walking about on the gravel paths above.
For a time he hunted about the island amidst the uproar of the waterfall, looking for the wounded officer, and at last he started him out of some bushes near the head of Biddle Stairs.
Across eight chapters, Biddle describes the work of painters, photographers, weavers, sculptors and animators, providing a generous overview that seeks to 'pluralize and complicate any singular perspective on the now' (p.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 8, 2017-Urstadt Biddle Properties Acquires 31% Equity Interest in New Jersey Shopping Centre
Both powerful Northern California players have qualified at the USHA pro nationals and were too strong for Biddle and 17-and-under singles champ Gaulton in the final.
ALAN H Biddle makes reference to the severe flooding in Bilton Grange Road due to blocked drains at the lower end of Charlbury Crescent.
FOLLOWING the successful launch this year of their new collectors sales on Saturday mornings and their bi-monthly Fine Wine auctions, Biddle and Webb are proud to announce the start of their new quarterly property sale.
The President of Urstadt Biddle - Willing Biddle has stated on Monday that the property investment trust has inked a new four-year $80 Million unsecured credit line with a one-year option for rejuvenation with a consortium of four lenders, headed by The Bank of New York Mellon.