beer garden

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beer garden

An outdoor tavern or an outdoor area adjoining a tavern where alcohol is served.

[Translation of German Biergarten : Bier, beer + Garten, garden.]

beer′ gar`den

an outdoor tavern where beer and other alcoholic beverages are served.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: garden - tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are servedbeer garden - tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are served
tap house, tavern - a building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
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The all ages, family-friendly event takes over Buffalo Creek Brewing's premises in Long Grove, including the taproom, 2nd level Rustic Room, and expansive biergarten and outdoor grounds.
For a funky outdoor beer garden with communal tables imported from Germany and a shipping container kitchen, Der Biergarten, has 32 taps of mostly German beer and a menu that includes classics like currywurst ($8.06) and schnitzel ($12.67).
The building also is home to about two dozen artist studios and gallery space, as well as a brewery and rooftop biergarten.
Schweinhaus Biergarten, 1330 N State St., Bellingham, 604381193
Grab a beer and giant pretzel at Der Biergarten or fried chicken - a must-try when in Atlanta - at The Busy Bee Cafe.
WSCA-FM, Portsmouth Community Radio, has added local musician and community advocate Stuart Dias and John Thompson, who built and manages Notch Brewing's Mobile Biergarten, to its board of directors.
AddySulley, Hanz and Franz Biergarten / Addy's Dutch Cafe
Krause's Biergarten and Cafe in New Braunfels, TX, also serves a variety of beer for tourists and appropriate beers for locals during working lunches.
More than than 40 food vendors will be selling a huge variety of food offerings; additionally, there will be a Biergarten featuring selections from Zeroday and the Millworks.
The offending dish was the only one on the menu at Kathrin's Biergarten in Rocklin, California, which was vegan friendly.
Depuis 2006, l'Allemagne deroge pendant les grands tournois de football(Mondial et Euro) a sa tres stricte loi, qui interdit les evenementspublics bruyants dans les bars et les "Biergarten" (bars a biere en pleinair) apres 22h00.
Exactly how The Schloss will look, inside and out, is hinted at in accompanying documents from Fitz Architects, which says the external garden space will take its inspiration from the likes of Independence Bar in Philadelphia and Chester Biergarten in New York.