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n. Archaeology
A bifacial stone tool.


(Archaeology) a prehistoric stone tool with two faces


a bifacial tool.
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Adj.1.biface - having two faces or frontsbiface - having two faces or fronts; "the Roman Janus is bifacial"
bidirectional - reactive or functioning or allowing movement in two usually opposite directions
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But, the tool-making style indicated the gradual disuse of bifaces, the predominance of small tools, the appearance of distinctive and diverse Levallois flake and point strategies, and the blade component.
Estos consistian principalmente en numerosos bifaces, seguidos en frecuencia por unifaces, raspadores y raederas, los cuales fueron asignados a una "cultura" de cazadores recolectores que habria ocupado la region desde hace al menos diez mil anos (Cigliano 1961).
Fifteen obsidian pieces found by a Willamette Valley landowner in June 2015 have officially been determined to be Native American artifacts - rare bifaces, or prehistoric stones that are flaked on both sides, believed to be the first ever recorded in the Willamette Valley.
After 12 750 cal BP, Chindadn points disappear, and core and blade technologies are replaced by those centered around microblades and wedge-shaped cores, lanceolate bifaces, and burins, which are assigned to the Denali complex (West, 1981; Powers and Hoffecker, 1989).
Ademas, se recuperaron fragmentos de bifaces, grandes herramientas unifaciales, desechos de talla bifacial y cuatro piedras discoidales abradidas (Miotti y Terranova 2015; Hermo et al.
A circuitous path brought thirteen of the original thirty-seven Clovis bifaces and points through many hands before reaching the attention of Michael Waters at Texas A&M University.
For instance, they had to look good in the eyes of those who made them and also in the eyes of others; like these beautiful bifaces shaped around a fossil.
Aparte de los diedros simples--choppers y chopping-tools en los cantos y raederas, denticulados y muescas en las lascas retocadas--, los artefactos mas significativos son los cuatro bifaces.
C'est entre autres un musee qui detient des collections a l'instar des pointes de fleche, lamelles, lames, bifaces, poteries et vanneries.