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a.1.Having two fronts.
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The two monuments--the ovoidal Prometheus and the sandglass-like Endless Column--were therefore conceived of, consciously or unconsciously, as representing, each one in turn, one of the two faces of Janus Bifrons, the past and the future.
Various morphological characteristics of the shell (mass, aspect ratio, and volume between the valves) and the adductor muscle (size, position, and attachment to the shell) were measured in six scallop species (Amusium balloti, Placopecten magellanicus, Equichlamys bifrons, Pectenfumatus, Mimachlamys asperrima, and Crassadoma gigantea) with distinct swimming strategies, as documented by measurements of muscle use during induced escape responses.
JESUS GUTIERREZ, La Fortuna bifrons en el teatro del siglo de oro, Sociedad Menendez Pelayo, Santander, 1975, RAYMOND MACCURDY, The tragic fall.
As a schoolboy at Campbell School and Bifrons Secondary School in Barking, John was selected to play for Barking Schools and in 1960 was the star of the team that reached the quarter-finals of the English Schools Trophy.
To a philosopher or theologian who is reflecting upon it in search of an explanation, history in fact presents itself in a guise similar to the god Janus of Roman mythology, with two faces, one sad, the other smiling, one facing good and the expansion of being, the other facing evil, dissolution, destruction, non-being, historia anceps, bifrons.
The word [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], a newly created form of the word [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], is enigmatic at first sight: whereas both a Janus bifrons and quadrifrons were known in antiquity, a Janus trifrons did not exist.
Maria Grazia Profetti se interesa por el personaje del valido en la literatura dramatica del Siglo de Oro (113-129); su funcion en la elaboracion politica del par rey/valido destaca en su evocacion de la tradicion grecolatina gracias al topico de la inestabilidad de la fortuna bifrons, prospera y adversa, con el fin de ubicar asi la suerte del valido y, de este modo, el transfondo simbolico del par sol/luna para que el soberano sea el espejo que irradie como modelo del espectaculo de la corte (120), propia de una simbolizacion de la majestad del rey.
Jean-Yves Mollier has also emphasized the ]anus bifrons or "two faces" of French literary culture, for example in the essay "France Between Literary Culture and Mass Culture: Seventeenth to Twentieth Centuries.
Vertical distribution correlates with pressure tolerances of early embryos in the deep-sea asteroid Plutonaster bifrons.
And these two dimensions--practice of domination and project of liberation--are not two faces; they are the single face, a Janus bifrons, of democracy.