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Noun1.Dartmouth College - a college in New HampshireDartmouth College - a college in New Hampshire    
Ivy League - a league of universities and colleges in the northeastern United States that have a reputation for scholastic achievement and social prestige
Granite State, New Hampshire, NH - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
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Big green eyes had been painted upon it, but in the center of the chin were two small holes made in the pasteboard, so that the Chief could see through them with his own tiny eyes; for when the big head was fastened upon his shoulders the eyes in his own natural head were on a level with the false chin.
She did not utter a word, she did not even look at her, she simply picked up our big green /drap de dames/ shawl (we have a shawl, made of /drap de dames/), put it over her head and face and lay down on the bed with her face to the wall; only her little shoulders and her body kept shuddering.
Pupils in secondary schools across the UK have until December 31 to share their school's big green dream and compete to get PS10,000 to help turn ideas into reality.
The ScottishPower Green EnergyTrust is calling on high school pupils to submit their Big Green Dream.
The Big Green Egg, beloved of chefs throughout the land, is ideal for cooking outdoors as it can be easily regulated, and cooks meat and vegetables to perfection without drying them out.
Today, 1-8pm, Canal Park, Butetown CLEAN The Big Green Clean Machine Welcome to Dinas Gwyrdd, where they pride themselves on their promise to the future
They will get FOUR weekend tickets with camping at the festival, PLUS coach travel with Big Green Coach from either Glasgow or Edinburgh.
Ulitskaya's ahierarchical, charactercentric, and often untidy packaging of the past is nowhere so evident as in The Big Green Tent, a novel first published in 2010 and now available in Polly Gannon's sturdy English translation.
AFTER five years of service to Big Green Surgical New Zealand Inc.
The popularity of the top-selling kamado style cooker, the Big Green Egg, continues to grow across the US and overseas.
The Big Green Egg Book is for home cooks and professional chefs who own and use the 'green egg' cooking unit, and presents some fifty recipes and the international cooks who have used the Green Egg to best advantage.
Perhaps, in part, this is purposeful: in interviews given at the time of The Big Green Tent's Russian release in 2010, Ulitskaya strikes an educational tone, stridently defending Soviet-era dissidents, who are increasingly marginalized and maligned in contemporary Russian historical memory, and defining her novel against the rising authoritarianism of the Putin state: "Given the weather outside," she notes, referencing the traditional metaphor of a cold snap for a turn toward greater state control, "it isn't a bad thing to remember the 1960s.