Bighorn Mountains

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Big′horn Moun′tains
a mountain range in N Wyoming, part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak, 13,165 ft. (4013 m). Also called Big′horns`.
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We live at about 4100 feet in altitude (1250 metres) at the base of the Big Horn Mountains, a northern extension of the Rocky Mountains.
Harquahala FRS is a compacted earth-fill dam which detains floodwater from the southwest side of the Big Horn Mountains, the Harquahala Plain and Saddle Mountain.
Black Eagle Down is an exciting novel of political intrigue - yet its most heated action takes place in the rugged and isolated wilderness of northeastern Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains.
Water is carried miles from streams in the Big Horn Mountains to the valley floor by these manmade ditches.
It has also been detected in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming and the isolated Black Hills of South Dakota.
Working ranch chores are incorporated into the stay with the opportunity to move cattle to new pastures, check and mend fences and camp overnight in the Big Horn Mountains.
Ar yr wythfed dydd ar hugain o Chwefror y cychwynodd yr expedition allan i'r Big Horn Mountains ag o'r dydd cyntaf i'r olaf yr oedd y thermometer below zero, ag am 13 days yn 26 standard below.
The wedding last July took place an hour's drive and a half hour's horse ride away in the Big Horn mountains - near the Little Big Horn of General Custer fame.
One evening high in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains in the dusky twilight just before full dark, my horse pricked his ears and arched his neck.
Kaycee, Wyoming, is a dusty little town with only 250 residents that lies in the high plains fairly close to the Big Horn Mountains.
Located on a remote 110 000 acre ranch on the edge of the Big Horn Mountains, the camp is surrounded by dramatic natural landscapes of steep canyons, tall mesas and rushing streams.
Except for the panorama of the Big Horn Mountains sweeping skywards in the west and the snow-capped Rockies in the far distance, those awesome barriers of nature that brought despair to the pioneers less than 150 years ago.