Big Pharma

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Big Phar·ma

n. Informal
The pharmaceutical industry.

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Nordea Asset Management (NRBAY), which manages roughly $6B of investments in Big Pharma companies including Mylan (MYL), Pfizer (PFE), Takeda (TKPYY) and Novartsi (NVS), has alleged that some suppliers to drug companies are dumping toxic waste in the environment and called on 27 drugmakers to publicly report on their suppliers and how they monitor them, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing a letter by Nordea.
the current business friendly stance at the FDA is unlikely to change next year, while M and A could see an uptick, driven by big pharma and big biotech's need to re-stock pipelines and US tax reforms.
However, expect Big Pharma to get busy in 2017, driven by increased valuations, a possible change in tax codes to allow U.
Lisa Urquhart, who co-authored the report, commented: "The image of the plucky small biotech striving to develop treatments for the rare diseases largely ignored by big pharma is long gone.
In Big Pharma, as elsewhere in the stock exchange, I prefer to buy fear and sell greed, not vice-versa
USPRwire, Mon Apr 27 2015] The Top 50 Big Pharma Partnering and M&A Deal Trends report provides the most comprehensive and in-depth insight into the dealmaking interests and activity of the worlds leading fifty big pharma companies.
Classic Big Pharma was once only involved in pharma.
A lack of potential blockbusters in the pipeline and the incredibly high cost of identifying, developing and marketing new drugs has put a strain on financials for big pharma.
BOSTON -- The pharmaceutical industry, especially Big Pharma, has dramatically shifted its research and development focus from small molecule drugs to a rapidly increasing number of biotechnology products, according to new research from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development.
com)-- As part of their pharmaceutical jobs insight content series, Pharma IQ have recently released The Big Pharma Recession Report 2013.
Traditional pharmaceutical companies, Big Pharma for short, are in for the biggest drop in business they have ever faced, ensuring the shutdown of additional plants in Puerto Rico, reports Caribbean Business (April 18, 2013).