big picture

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big′ pic′ture

a broad, overall view or perspective of an issue.
References in classic literature ?
I saw him myself, standing upon that chair and fixing the big picture above it.
Mike Goodridge seemed to miss the big picture in his story "Does MPAA = Most Parents Are Antigay?
The value of media analysis is not only knowing about your own company and its presence in the media, but also understanding where your company fits into the big picture.
When Rashid's tooth did fall out, he woke to find his big picture hanging in the center of camp.
I have come to the painful conclusion that public policy must look at the total impact of a program, not its impact on isolated individuals; public policy must look at the big picture.
An economic consultant has been appointed to complete the next stage of the Kielder Water & Forest Park Big Picture project.
The project, named the Big Picture and run by the Arts Council England, West Midlands, will result in a mosaic made up of one of eight final photographs selected from those sent in.
The new sites have been designed by Big Picture Interactive, a new media agency based in Leamington Spa.
Pond, an American journalist who has lived for many years in Germany, looks at the big picture, marvelling at the European `chain of reconciliation'.