big kahuna

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big ka·hu·na

n. Slang
The most important or powerful person in an enterprise or field.

[From Big Kahuna, nickname of the leader of a gang of surfers in the film Gidget (1959), from Hawaiian kahuna, priest, expert, from Proto-Polynesian *tufunga.]
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In addition, The Big Kahuna Award in each category will be announced.
But in addition to rates, we have Personal Income and Spending data due out Tuesday, Chicago PMI and ADP on Wednesday, ISM and the PMI manufacturing indexes on Thursday, and this all leads up to the Big Kahuna -- Friday, the jobs data and Non-Farm Payrolls.
"For those that think the 2000 bubble was the big kahuna, consider Chewy, which went public in June 2019," said Einhorn.
The Big Kahuna Air Package includes the most luxurious and coveted ticket and travel plan to Hangout Fest by combining the Big Kahuna ticket with a private Aero jet charter direct to Gulf Shores.
Grand Prix: Film Client: Du Telecom Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai Media: Hearts & Science Production: Big Kahuna Films
He's not gotten there by being nice or kind; he's the big kahuna because he rules through fear and intimidation.
Big Kahuna Films, a Hollywood company, contacted him for a short documentary movie on the late Sheikh Zayed.
Agency: Leo Burnett Production house: Big Kahuna Director: Ali Mustafa
2-liter inline-five in the big kahuna Wildtrak 4x4 in favor of a 2.0-liter bi-turbo inline-four.
As long as the underlying global interest-rate picture is so benign, it is hard to see the big Kahuna of bond-default waves coming just yet.
"The Big Kahuna remains Gateway," said David Greenbaum, president of the New York office division at Vornado Realty Trust, while discussing infrastructure projects at an Appraisal Institute conference in Midtown on Monday.
After all, it doesn't seem like a stretch at all that the man who's been a professional politico (and professional Dem, actually) since he was a wee lad would have it in the back of his mind to eventually take a shot at the big kahuna.