Big Pharma

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Big Phar·ma

n. Informal
The pharmaceutical industry.

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3, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- UNITE HERE sent letters this week to the Senate Committee on Health, asking Senators to put the brakes on a piece of legislation which would keep millions of dollars' worth of Big Pharma relationships to doctors' conferences secret.
Pharmaceutical companies: Top 150 companies based on worldwide pharmaceutical sales in 2008; definition of Big Pharma, Midsize Pharma, and Small Pharma; company distribution by worldwide pharmaceutical sales; geographical distribution of top Big Pharma, Midsize Pharma, and Small Pharma companies; advanced, emerging, and developing country economies as defined by the International Monetary Fund; pharma distribution by country economy, Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Pharma provides the user with the following key benefits:
To order this report: Partnering Deals and Alliances with Big Pharma http://www.
In Big Pharma, as elsewhere in the stock exchange, I prefer to buy fear and sell greed, not vice-versa
The Big Pharma continued its busy start to 2015 by continuing its use of Elixir Software's R&D workflow-management software, in part to support communication while it moves its focal point in Britain from Alderley Park to Cambridge.
Classic Big Pharma was once only involved in pharma.
A lack of potential blockbusters in the pipeline and the incredibly high cost of identifying, developing and marketing new drugs has put a strain on financials for big pharma.
People often ask for real world CRT case studies from big pharma companies.
com)-- As part of their pharmaceutical jobs insight content series, Pharma IQ have recently released The Big Pharma Recession Report 2013.
Traditional pharmaceutical companies, Big Pharma for short, are in for the biggest drop in business they have ever faced, ensuring the shutdown of additional plants in Puerto Rico, reports Caribbean Business (April 18, 2013).
4, page 10) that bears repeating because Big Pharma is coming through with threats--actually validating the studies