Bight of Benin

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Noun1.Bight of Benin - a broad indentation of the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa
Gulf of Guinea - a gulf off the southwest coast of Africa
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Again, those of us who studied history or especially geography before 1970 knew that the body of the Atlantic Ocean below Nigeria were known and called the Bight of Benin west of the River Niger and the Bight of Biafra to the east of same.
A spirit possession and medicinal order found among many cultural groups along the Bight of Benin and in the Volta region of contemporary Ghana and Togo, the gods of the Gorovodu pantheon originated in witch-finding cults of the early twentieth century, spreading by ritual entrepreneurs in Ghana and Togo.
Manuel Barcia examines the interconnections between Cuba, Bahia, and the interior of the Bight of Benin during the first several decades of the nineteenth century.
Following a five-year period as the epicentre of hijacking for cargo theft, marine kidnapping for ransom is now the saveur du jour in the Gulf of Guinea -- particularly in the Bight of Benin and Bight of Bonny.
Benin is bounded by Togo to the west, Burkina Faso and Niger to the north, Nigeria to the east, and the Bight of Benin to the south.