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n. Mathematics
A function that is both one-to-one and onto.

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(Mathematics) a mathematical function or mapping that is both an injection and a surjection and therefore has an inverse. See also injection5, surjection
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To obtain the S-box with desired cryptography properties, many evaluating criteria, such as bijectivity, Nonlinearity, SAC, BIC, DP, and LP, have been designed.
The bijectivity of map A [right arrow] [A.sub.[??]] allows defining the catenation of two partial arrays in a trivial way.
He asks if it is possible to replace the assumption of preserving adjacency in both directions by the weaker assumption of preserving adjacency in only direction only and still get the same conclusion, to relax the bijectivity assumption, or to obtain an analogous result for maps acting between the spaces of rectangular matrices of different sizes.
Proving the bijectivity of [mathematical expression not reproducible] for any [lambda] < 0 it is equivalent to proving the bijectivity of [mathematical expression not reproducible] for any [micro] > 0.
The bijectivity of [phi] is a consequence of the following proposition.
After a review of quantum game theory, some specific topics covered include reversible error correction in decision communication within quantum game-theoretic bijectivity, quantum games and the relationships between quantum mechanics and game theory, and iterative solution methods for mixed equilibrium problems and variational inequalities with non-smooth functions.