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or Bi•col


n., pl. -kols or -cols, (esp. collectively) -kol or -col.
1. a member of a people inhabiting the Bikol Peninsula, the SE extension of the island of Luzon in the Philippines.
2. the Austronesian language of the Bikols.
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We have to stop exoticizing ourselves as Bikols. We have to think of a larger world out there and connect with them.
But Randy Dagooc, my business partner who is also one of my active collaborators in filmmaking, suggested that it should rather be the name of the whole complex, which we will slowly develop into an art and culture hub in the Bikol region.
The Bikol region has always been identified with key opposition, they say.
Hence, I would like to continue to write and produce works in the languages of Bikol while at the same time bring the literary works I have read and influenced me into our local languages, which include the Tagalog and the Filipino.
105 On Bikol history and culture, see Maria Realubit, Bikols of the Philippines: History, Literature and General List of Literary Works (Naga City: A.M.S.
Banditry, however, existed in Camarines Sur, too, despite the assertions of its governor who boasted in 1807 that "in this province, the evil doers that infest others are unknown",(108) It may not have been prevalent among the settled lowland communities of the central valley but it was definitely a feature of the Eastern Bikol Cordillera.