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a.1.Formed of, or having, two laminæ, or thin plates.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The vomer is thickest at its posterior alar portion connected to the Perpendicular Plate of Ethmoid (PPE) and the presphenoidal joint and always markedly thicker than the PPE and the septum due to its bilaminar origin.
Rees describio que las fibras retrodiscales son el estrato superior de la zona bilaminar del disco articular y que representan la "banda discomaleolar de la vida fetal", que conecta el tendon del musculo pterigoideo al maleolo a traves de la sutura timpanoescamosa.
Una vez ocurridas las fases basicas del desarrollo embrionario (progenesis, fecundacion y segmentacion), en la segunda semana de gestacion el embrion consiste en una simple estructura bilaminar que se conforma de una capa superior por celulas epiblasticas y una inferior de celulas hipoblasticas.
This was reported in 53% of single recessions treated with a bilaminar surgical technique.
When the disc is anteriorly displaced, the ligaments of the rear disc are elongated, stretched, and damaged, and the bilaminar zone is compressed; and thus, pain can be generated.
Repeat ultrasound showed bilaminar, echogenic structure, consistent with an IUD, protruding through the posterior wall of the uterus, above the level of the cervix.
In this design, ink rejection is caused by the piezoceramic plates bonded to a diaphragm to form an array of bilaminar electromechanical transducers.
In this regard, it is quite interesting that the LPS of P multocida adopted a thread-like bilaminar appearance and was observed in direct interaction with the cell membrane of the ciliated cells and their cilia in this work (Figures 4(d), 4(e), and 4(f)), which could be evidence of the intercalation described by [24].
The human embryo, in the gastrulation stage, has the shape of a flat disc with two layers of cells (bilaminar disk) known as epiblast and hypoblast (Figure 1) [40].
(13) Regardless, the clavicular and sternocostal fibers form a bilaminar tendon (also described as trilaminar in some instances (14)) that is continuous inferiorly and inserts on the lateral lip of the bicipital groove.
A bilaminar reconstructive procedure for the coverage of denuded root surfaces.
MPFB'nin patellaya tutunma duzeyinde bu bag ile VMo kasinin fibrilleri paralel seyreder ve aksiyal MR goruntuleme kesitlerinde bilaminar gorunume neden olurlar (Resim 1).