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Noun1.bilateral contract - a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)bilateral contract - a contract involving mutual promises (each party is both promisor and promisee)
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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The construction of the interstate bridge is the responsibility of the ministry, and therefore, as it was noted, it is the bearer of the activities on the conclusion of the bilateral agreement.
Effective immediately, the rule amends CBP regulations to add Algeria to the list of countries that have a bilateral agreement with the U.S.
A bilateral agreement signed by India and Pakistan in 2008 specifically aimed to clarify the extent of consular access that could be granted in different situations.
But by November 4, they are coming for another bilateral agreement on (hiring) hotel workers," he said in an interview.
Misto stressed the importance of cooperation to develop air services programs, noting that the CARC has bilateral agreements with world countries and welcomes measures to accelerate the process of signing a bilateral agreement with Mexico in the air services field.
Pointing out that the review should have taken place in 2011 based on the bilateral agreement of the two countries, Cabochan said there is a need to intensify negotiations with the Japanese government for the elimination of the tariffs on banana so that it can become part of their bilateral agreement.
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) head Undersecretary Bernard Olalia yesterday said employers who refuse to comply with the bilateral agreement signed between the Philippines and Kuwait should be blacklisted from hiring Filipino household service workers (HSWs).
'We have signed a bilateral agreement with the China ambassador (Zhao Jianhua) for the deployment of an initial 2,000 English teachers to China,' Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said in a radio interview on Friday.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 4, 2018-InfoVista and Ericsson ink bilateral agreement for OSSii
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 25 (ANI): The Board of Cricket Council of India (BCCI) on Monday said the England Women's Cricket team that will tour India in March next year will play a three-match ODI series as part of a bilateral agreement between the two Boards.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Republic of Azerbaijan extradited over two dozen Iranian prisoners who were in custody in that country in accordance with a bilateral agreement on extradition of inmates between the two countries.
WASHINGTON: The United States and the European Union today released the following joint statement on negotiations for a bilateral agreement on insurance and reinsurance measures.