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1. Having or formed of two sides; two-sided.
2. Affecting or undertaken by two sides equally; binding on both parties: a bilateral agreement; bilateral negotiations.
3. Relating to both the right and the left side of the body or of a body structure: bilateral mastectomy.
4. Having or marked by bilateral symmetry.

bi·lat′er·al·ism n.
bi·lat′er·al·ly adv.
bi·lat′er·al·ness n.


the practice of being bilateral


the practice of promoting trade between two countries through agreements concerning quantity and price of commodities. Cf. multilateralism.bilateralistic, adj.
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Noun1.bilateralism - the property of being symmetrical about a vertical planebilateralism - the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane
symmetricalness, symmetry, correspondence, balance - (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane
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The head of state hailed the high level cooperation between Azerbaijan and Montenegro and stressed that regular reciprocal visits contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations.
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) - Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri discussed with Qatari Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani bilateral relations and ways to develop them.
Srivali conveyed greetings of the royal family of Thailand and stressed that he would devote his mandate to strengthening the bilateral relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Thailand.
Gen A(r) Nasser Khan Janjua Friday morning and discussed ways and means to enhance bilateral relations and matters pertaining to defence cooperation and stability in South Asia and Africa.
Qamar Bajwa on Thursday morning to discuss a range of issues including bilateral relations.
It was noted during the meeting that bilateral relations in political, economic and other spheres have been developing successfully.
The meeting reviewed bilateral relations between Qatar and Algeria and means of developing them, in addition to the latest regional developments, especially in Jerusalem and Libya.
Al-Saati conveyed the desire of the Kingdom of Bahrain to accredit Bahrain's Embassy in Moscow as embassy to Belorussia, stressing the importance of the move which would consolidate bilateral relations and strengthen coordination regarding regional and international issues.
He will hold talks with officials there on means of boosting bilateral relations along with regional and international issues of common concern, said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid.
Gandour Discusses with Zambian Counterpart Bilateral Relations Khartoum, July 3 (SUNA) Foreign Minister Professor Ibrahim Ghandour has discussed, Monday , with the Zambian Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba, the future of the bilateral relations with the Republic of Zambia, and the preparations for the visit of the Zambian President, Dr.
Download Geagea meets with Archbishops of Australia, Sao Paulo and Mexico, confers with Jordanian Works Minister over bilateral relations NNA - Lebanese Forces Party Leader, Samir Geagea, met in Meh'rab on Tuesday with Jordanian Works Minister Sami Halassa, with discussions touching on bilateral relations and the general prevailing political situation in Lebanon and the region.
Al-Sisi started by meeting with the Iraqi president, Khedr Maasoum, and they discussed bilateral relations and the Iraqi situation.

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