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 (bĭl-bä′ō, -bou′)
A city of northern Spain near the Bay of Biscay. Founded c. 1300, it is a major port and industrial center.


(bɪlˈbɑːəʊ; Spanish bilˈβau)
(Placename) a port in N Spain, on the Bay of Biscay: the largest city in the Basque Provinces: famous since medieval times for the production of iron and steel goods: modern buildings include the Guggenheim Art Museum (1997). Pop: 353 567 (2003 est). Basque name: Bilbo



a seaport in N Spain, near the Bay of Biscay. 433,000.
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Following the price reduction Spanish institutional shareholders have indicated that they will be seeking compensation, and shareholders involved in action against SEPI for compensation are reported to include Logistica, Banco Bilbao, Vizcaya Argentaria and Caja Madrid.