n.1.The toy called cup and ball.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It confides an unfledged scion to some head-clerk, or gives him in charge of a directory who initiates him into what Bilboquet, that profound philosopher, called the high comedy of government; he is spared all the horrors of drudgery and is finally appointed to some important office.
Courseau said "Le Bilboquet feel betrayed and sad" over what has inevitably become a social media firestorm. 
Federer, whose net worth is estimated as heading toward half a billion dollars, ate with the philanthropist at Manhattan's Le Bilboquet French bistrot on Friday afternoon, the New York Post reported.
In 2015, their shroud of secrecy almost slipped when Katie attended Jamie's surprise birthday bash at Le Bilboquet in New York, as insiders said she was "so in love" with her boyfriend.
conducted a FEA investigation of proximal humeral fractures fixed with locking plate, intramedullary nail, K-wires, and Bilboquet device.
Before and after the battleground scenes, then, we read of the poet's sense of self at a ball, of his fear of uniformed guards under a streetlight, and the astonishing unease he feels as he holds up a cup-and-ball game and a wooden head to a laughing crowd and feels himself more bizarre than the 'bilboquet' itself.
The dynamic Quebec brewing community will be heavily represented, with Quebec brewpubs Dieu du Ciel!, Brutopia, Le Bilboquet and the Lion D'Or pouring.
Francois Rohaut sends over Bilboquet from his French base.
He has been staying with his stable-companion Bilboquet at the Lambourn yard of Toby Balding, whose assistant Jonathan Geake revealed today: "I believe that Gun N' Roses is now going to go back to France where he could go over fences.