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n.1.Same as Agalmatolite.
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Winners of the Mixed Division were Bob Skandalaris, Jim Stoll, Stacy Stoll and Drew Warder; Men's Division winners were David Bartnick, Matt Bartnick, Kevin Furlong and Marty Peck; and Pro-Am Division winners were Casey Baker, Derek Bildstein, Joe Portfilio and Carl Rose.
The northern harrier preys substantially on grassland birds (Preston, 1990; MacWhirter and Bildstein, 1996).
Northern harriers, short-eared owls (Asio flammeus) and rough-legged hawks (Buteo lagopus) are obligate grassland species during the winter months (Baker and Brooks 1981, Bildstein 1988, Martell 1991, Holt and Leasure 1993), and are heavily reliant upon roles (Microtusspp.
A spokesman for the Federal Workplace Ombudsman, Craig Bildstein, said breaches had been occurring since 2005.
Mueller and Bildstein will have the opportunity to attend the NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence in May in Austin, Texas.
According to Keith Bildstein of the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, the photo does appear to show a white-tailed eagle in adult or near-adult plumage.
Bildstein, Director of Conservation Science at the Acopian Center for Conservation Learning, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, provides an accessible account of the history, ecology, geography, science and conservation efforts surrounding the migration of approximately 200 species of raptors between their summer breeding sites and their wintering grounds.
Keith Bildstein and Charles Duncan describe new efforts in Costa Rico to study and sustain the migratory patterns of raptors, revealing how much more we need to learn about these magnificent species on their Southern Hemisphere sojourns.
70) The term is taken from Gerald Bildstein who wrote in respect of the Fifth Commandment that "Judaism does not stress the instrumental role of filial responsibility" but sees it instead as "a shaping, directing value that contributes to the meaning of life in society.
Anti-predator sentiment remains strong in some arenas as well (see Bildstein p.
1982, Bildstein 1998) necessitated a methodology that was more cost-efficient than the established method.