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Noun1.bilingual dictionary - a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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In addition to serving as a "collation and synthesis of all previous lexicons," A Comprehensive Iban-English Dictionary both expands this lexical corpus and, at the same time, enriches familiar entries that have been part of the core bilingual lexicon from the beginning.
Eleven international academics contribute nine chapters showcasing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the bilingual lexicon.
The results from this review are then discussed from various strands of research in SLA and vocabulary studies: the role of transfer in second language production, the nature of the bilingual lexicon, and the language (vocabulary) learning potential of written output in instructed SLA.
TERMIUM Plus contains over 3 million English and French terms, as well as 50,000 Spanish terms, and provides online access to two writing guides and a bilingual lexicon of synonyms.
First, the bilingual lexicon obtained from word-aligning the parallel corpus replaces an external seed dictionary, making the approach knowledge-light and portable.
Another problem with the traditional approach to bilingual lexicon extraction and most of its extensions (Shao and Ng, 2004; Otero, 2007; Yu and Tsujii, 2009; Marsi and Krahmer, 2010) is that they neglect polysemy and consider a translation candidate as correct if it is an appropriate translation for at least one possible sense of the source word.
Coverage includes the nature of the bilingual lexicon, speech perception and production in second language lexical processing, second language writing, and the lexicon in second language acquisition, both under natural circumstances and in the classroom environment.
Coverage includes an overview of theories of first language speech production, issues in first language speech production research, theories of automaticity and their relation to speech production models, lexical encoding and bilingual lexicon, syntactic and phonological encoding, monitoring, problem-solving mechanisms in second-language (L2) speech, fluency and automaticity in L2 speech production, and presentation of a new comprehensive bilingual speech production model.
Bootstrapping bilingual lexicons from comparable corpora for closely related languages.
A Toolkit for Developing Bilingual Lexicons for International HIV Prevention Clinical Trials.
Sadly, the production of bilingual lexicons for Oriental languages lags far behind that of their European counterparts.

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