Billy the Kid

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Bil·ly the Kid

See William H. Bonney.

Billy the Kid

(Biography) nickname of William H. Bonney. 1859–81, US outlaw

Bil′ly the Kid′

(William H. Bonney) 1859–81, U.S. outlaw.
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There he meets Bill Bonney (Billy the Kid), who promises to find him work as a ranch hand, but both become ensnared in a brutal battle for profitable contracts with the army at Fort Stanton.
They deal with a lot of the guilt here,'' says Bill Bonney, who retired last month as inspector of the 1st Marine Division to take the job of family readiness coordinator, the guy wounded Marines come to for support.
No buildings were threatened in the Yucaipa community of Crafton Hills, near the border of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, said California Department of Forestry spokesman Bill Bonney.