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Noun1.Bill Mauldin - United States cartoonist noted for his drawings of soldiers in battle (1921-2003)
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Coughlin, like his American counterpart Bill Mauldin, participated in the invasion of Sicily, and then went to work drawing the famous characters while initially in Naples.
Bill Mauldin, Bruce Stark, Oliphan, Paul Coker Jr., Jeff MacNelly, Ralph Steadman, Ronald Serle, Ronald Searle, Ronald Searle!
FOR MANY AMERICANS, Bill Mauldin's portrayal of soldiers in his Willie and Joe cartoons embodies World War II's infantrymen--good and decent, gritty and unshaven foot soldiers who endured a hellish world of frigid cold, blistering heat, rain, mud, snow, and ever-present death.
Despite the above foundational flaws in Political Emotions, the work is classically Nussbaumian, in its grace of writing, its rich and interesting transdisciplinary examples (especially the WWII cartoons of Bill Mauldin), and its virtuous goal to establish a more just and loving society.
Engelhardt's Post-Dispatch predecessors, Daniel Fitzpatrick and Bill Mauldin, also had donated some of their original work there.
I was an Asst S3 in charge of the COC (Combat Operations Center), and while directing the counterattack, Cartoonist Bill Mauldin came running into the COC and borrowed my M2 carbine.
They looked forward to the arrival of the bi-weekly paper carrying the distinctive cuts with inscription by "MFOC," just as elsewhere readers anticipated the signature cartoons of James Thurber or Bill Mauldin. Viewing them together now, we realize how the young Mary Flannery O'Connor, an only child who grew up in highly protective circumstances, living at home through her college graduation, distinguished herself on campus.
Some, including Pyle and Bill Mauldin, a cartoonist for Stars and Stripes, spent considerable time at the front.
Bill Mauldin described it as "the most moving gesture I ever saw.
Nobel Peace Prize honoree Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is now among the hallowed company of actress Katharine Hepburn, the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, the Lunar Year, distinguished sailors, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Bill Mauldin, Cowboys of the Silver Screen, the celebrated singer Kate Smith, pioneering African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux, and the Negro Baseball League.
I also learned that Willie and Joe, Bill Mauldin's cartoon characters, were composites of Garland's compatriots in the 45th Division.
Somewhere, Willie and Joe are smiling: Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Bill Mauldin has received one of the nation's highest honors by being featured on a U.S.