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Noun1.Bill Russell - United States basketball center (born in 1934)
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A TheatreWorks presentation of a musical in two acts, with book by Stephen Chbosky and Bill Russell, lyrics by Russell, music by Henry Krieger, inspired by "Camille" by Alexandre Dumas.
The previous record was 51, set by the Celtics' Bill Russell on Feb.
Bill Russell, of one of the key companies in the scheme, Transco, said: "We anticipate that there could be at least 3000 jobs created under the new deal initiative over the next five years.
While contributing practically zero to the top line at the moment, HP enterprise computing COO Bill Russell told ComputerWire that within two or three years sales and revenue specifically from its e-services products and programs should be worth around 30% of the division's revenue, which is currently a $15bn, 44,000 employee concern.
Boston Celtics' Bill Russell, left, is congratulated by coach Arnold "Red" Auerbach after scoring his 10,000th career point.
additional poc: bill russell at -510-627-1439 or at brussell@portoakland.Com.
It traces its beginnings to the 1950s, when Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs introduced the first electronic coffee pot with a keep-warm feature, and an electric kettle that revolutionized the market.
Seattle, WA, February 16, 2014 --( February releases for Class Act Books will be "Absinthe: A Tale of Magic, Love, and Revenge" by Tony-Paul de Vissage, and "In Lieu of Surrender" by Bill Russell.
The 28-year-old joined Bill Russell as the only player to win back-to-back NBA Finals and MVP awards.
The Celtics hope President Barack Obama's endorsement will help a statue of Celtics legend Bill Russell get built in Boston.
Jabbar played in a league of his own, but he was a modest guy and allowed Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Bill Walton, and Michael Jordan to play with him.
Film clips speak louder than words in HBO's "Sports of the 20th Century" presentation of the life of Boston Celtics basketball great Bill Russell, a kind of Cliff's Notes look at the most successful team player of modern times.