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Noun1.bill of entry - a list of goods received at a customhouse for export or import
bill - a list of particulars (as a playbill or bill of fare)
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The details will have to be furnished based on the bill of entry. The information has to be furnished in a return which has to be filed every quarter.
The documents include BIDA or related certificate, updated trade licence, IRC or ERC certificate, company TIN or BIN, fire license, boiler certificate, certificate from the Department of Environment, NID, return submission copy of the directors of the company, copies of gas and electricity bill of respective industry, design of the proposed bonded warehouse, LC of the installed machines, bill of entry and catalogue mentioning the production capacity of the machine.
Public Accounts Committee in its report said that efficiency at the ports needs to be improved by updating ICEGATE (Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data interchange Gateway) to minimise breakdown, making e-filing of bill of entry and full use of 24x7 facility.
The main attachments of any survey report would consist the invoice, packing list, bill of lading, truck/railway receipts, AWB, proforma invoice, joint inspection statement, store receipt against delivery of goods, photographs showing the damage, Bill of entry, any survey report against survey conducted prior to destination, documents exchanged to describe any 3rd party liability, weight slips, ship out-turn report, port survey evidence etc.
The Appeal Court found that according to the customs bill of entry, it is clear that the number of plates discharged at the port were as per the bill of lading and that there was the correct number of plates at the port and there was no short lading in the number of plates.
The JCD said the cartons were concealed in a container that had a bill of entry as industrial raw material.
Shoaib Siddiqi has also taken notice of the theft of revenue stamps duty from Customs bill of entry and directed the Member SR and E to take action against the offenders strictly in accordance with the law.
The committee asked 11 companies including Hammad Engineering Company to provide Bill of Lading, Bill of Entry and imported quantity of coal and technical aspects of their transformers.
Appreciating the eBRC initiative, Gopalakrishnan said that "Shipping bill and Bill of Entry data should also be digitally transmitted to RBI/Banks and other authorities in order to avoid physical submission of hard copies.
part of the solution, which will manage bill of entry and transfer bill models
HMIL also mentioned that it has filed every single invoice, agreement(s) and bill of entry with the customs department as per prescribed procedures and there is no scope for suppression of any kind.