Bill of costs

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a statement of the items which form the total amount of the costs of a party to a suit or action.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Solomon Pell, who was making out his little bill of costs; 'a very amusing incident indeed!
'junior,' I quickly consoled myself with the reflection that law was not quite so expensive an article here, as at home; and that the absence of sundry formalities which we regard as indispensable, had doubtless a very favourable influence upon the bill of costs.
If a client were slow to settle his bill of costs, Mr.
The other was his clerk, assistant, housekeeper, secretary, confidential plotter, adviser, intriguer, and bill of cost increaser, Miss Brass--a kind of amazon at common law, of whom it may be desirable to offer a brief description.
Although Boston never was held in the Montgomery County jail, that county sent a bill of costs to the state for about $5,800.
The former MP was required to complete the payment in 30 days from February 13, 2019, when Odhiambo filed his bill of costs.
Where the prevailing party has filed a bill of costs, he is entitled to recover taxable costs under Rule 54(d) and as permitted by the applicable statute, and where the defendant has demonstrated a clear ability to satisfy the judgment if affirmed on appeal, the bond required for a stay of execution pending appeal is waived.
Finally, we conclude that when a party timely files a proposed bill of costs within the thirty-day time limit set forth by WIS.
The issue of taxation of a lawyer's fee was examined by the Supreme Court in a judgment issued on 7.6.2017in relation to an application for the issue of a certiorari annulling the decision of the Registrar of the District Court of Nicosia in respect of a bill of costs submitted by a client against his lawyer.
"The problem with Google's e-discovery bill of costs is that many of [the] item-line descriptions seemingly bill for 'intellectual effort' such as organising, searching, and analysing the discovery documents," Alsup said in the ruling filed in U.S.
The Supreme Court has listed the Company's bill of costs for a taxation hearing on Tuesday 9 August 2011.