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bunt 1

v. bunt·ed, bunt·ing, bunts
1. Baseball
a. To bat (a pitched ball) by tapping it lightly so that the ball rolls slowly in front of the infielders.
b. To cause (a base runner) to advance or (a run) to score by bunting.
2. To push or strike with or as if with the head; butt.
1. Baseball To bunt a pitched ball: The batter squared away to bunt.
2. To butt.
1. Baseball
a. The act of bunting.
b. A bunted ball.
2. A butt with or as if with the head.

[Dialectal, to push, strike.]

bunt′er n.

bunt 2

1. The middle portion of a sail, especially a square one, that is shaped like a pouch to increase the effect of the wind.
2. The pouchlike midsection of a fishing net in which the catch is concentrated.

[Perhaps from Swedish bunt or Danish bundt, both of Low German origin.]

bunt 3

A smut disease of wheat and other cereal grasses, caused by fungi of the genus Tilletia and resulting in grains filled with foul-smelling, sooty black spores. Also called stinking smut.

[Origin unknown.]


a batter who deliberately bunts the ball
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Noun1.bunter - a batter who bunts
batsman, batter, hitter, slugger - (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting
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