Billy Sunday

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Noun1.Billy Sunday - United States evangelist (1862-1935)
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I knew something of the history of the church in recent years, and something of the unfortunate re-action from the Billy Sunday campaign, a re-action which was said to make religious work in Des Moines much harder than before the campaign was held.
Although the revivals of Billy Sunday are well known, Pope-Levison wants to recover the Catholic Truth Guild and the Women's Christian Temperance Union.
3) Where's the evidence that fire-and-brimstone evangelist Billy Sunday ever tried to shut the place down?
JAMES PURDER writes: Another name that Richard Lederer might have included in his list of famous aptronymic personages is that of the renowned evangelist Billy Sunday, who was born William Ashley Sunday in 1862.
Inspired by the adventurous tales of white sharecropper's son Billy Sunday to attempt to become the US Navy's first African-American diver, he enrols at a training camp where his hero is an instructor.
He's down with all the extravagant Billy Graham patter and Billy Sunday moves, but equally, sincerely committed to Jonas' search for divinity in a world that's left his soul dead.
Billy Sunday Mars has advice for increasing the quality.
When Billy Sunday was conducting his highly successful evangelical campaigns in favor of Prohibition, Billy Graham was still in diapers.
Joiner neatly divides her attention among three revival moments in the Windy City's history: the Chicago World's Fair of 1893; the 1910 Chapman-Alexander Simultaneous Campaign; and the 1918 Billy Sunday Revival.
Bruce, embarking on a journalism career, often took up religious subjects: pieces about missionary projects for a Presbyterian journal, profiles of evangelists such as the preacher Billy Sunday, even a biography of Christ called A Young Man's Jesus that preceded Barton's more famous book by 11 years.