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(ˈbiːmə) or


(Judaism) variant spellings of bema


(ˈbi mə)

n., pl. -ma•ta (-mə tə) -mas.
1. the enclosed space around the altar in an Eastern church.
2. Also, bimah. a platform in a synagogue for the table used when reading from the Torah.
[1675–85; < Greek bêma step, platform =bē-, variant s. of baínein to step, go + -ma n. suffix of result; (definition 3) (< Yiddish bime) < Hebrew bīmāh < Greek]
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The Bimah, a wooden structure where the religious scrolls of the Torah are read out during services, will also be relocated to Israel.
Many synagogues instituted a flower ceremony into their Shavuot liturgies, in which the confirmants would ritually process to the front of the sanctuary and deposit flowers at the base of the Bimah or the ark.
Inside is a sumptuous interior (Figures 2 and 3): a sanctuary of stained glass and elegant pews seating nearly twenty-five hundred people, a bimah (elevated platform) framed by glittering mosaics, and an ark flanked by two large seven-branched menorahs.
Everyone goes inside the shul to sing and dance around the bimah .
My father, age thirteen, stands alone on the bimah, his back to
As my grandson--tall and handsome-stood at the bimah of the beautiful Sephardic synagogue reading his Torah portion with ease, surrounded by French Jews whose ancestors had fled oppression in Arab lands such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, I couldn't help wondering what kind of future awaited him and this wonderful community if their lives as traditional Jews were possible only under heavily armed guard.
As I stood on the bimah of Temple Emanu-El in New York City in April, I fidgeted with my tie, smiled my "rabbi smile," and shook lots of hands.
The Arabian Gazelle is one of the most prominent animals that abound in the sanctuary, which can be seen easily in the villages of Fins and Bimah in Ras Al Shajar Sanctuary.
The event serves to maintain contact with partners and customers the bimah and the presentation of BImA to representatives of federal and regional administrations.
Calling himself an "honourary member of the tribe", wearing a yarmulke and standing at the bimah where rabbis chant from the Torah, he told about 1,000 people he would reject a "bad deal" which failed to cut off Iran's ways to developing atomic bombs.
He has done renovations to the interior of Congregation Tifereth Israel, and dedicated refurbishment of the temple's bimah to relatives of his grandmother who died in the Holocaust.
A mum-of-three and grandmother-to-six, Barbara, a writer and freelance journalist and editor of Bimah magazine for the Jewish community in Mid and South Wales, said: "I did quite well at school and earned enough points to go to university but I was desperate to be a journalist so decided to get straight into that.