a.1.(Geom.) Applied to a line which is the sum of two lines commensurable only in power (as the side and diagonal of a square).
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Further, we compare the DE of these individuals with those of other patients with TAO that underwent conventional bimedial recession at our hospital.
Following these criteria, all our patients who underwent bimedial tendon elongation with Tutopatch had a successful outcome, as all of them were orthotropic at near and at distance, without diplopia in primary position of gaze and with a reasonable field of binocular single vision.
8 mm bimedial rectus recession in infantile esotropia of 8090 prism dioptres.
In patients demonstrating convergence-induced nystagmus dampening, artificial divergence surgery can be used to induce an exodeviation, which can be overcome by employing fusional convergence; this is achieved through bimedial rectus recessions, which can be titrated to the degree of fusional reserves available.
Asi, el caracter bimedial del lenguaje de la prensa escrita estaria en equilibrio en cuanto se complementa texto e imagen, con el fin unico de entregar una informacion lo mas completa y transparente posible.
Lloyd, "Bimedial hang-back recession-outcomes and surgical response," Eye, vol.
Large bimedial rectus recessions in congenital esotropia.
Genis acili ezotropyanin tedavisinde arttirilmis bimedial rektus geriletme sonuclari.
Cerrahi planlamada alternasyonu olan olgulara bimedial rektus geriletmesi, alternasyonu olmayanlara ve amblyopisi olanlara kapama tedavisi sonrasi dominant olmayan goze geriletme - rezeksiyon ameliyati uygulandi.
Fakat paralitik olmayan genis acili ezotropyalarin tedavisinde; ikiden fazla kasa cerrahi, asamali cerrahi (once bilateral IR geriletmesi, sonra bilateral DR rezeksiyonu) ya da arttirilmis (6 mm ve ustu) bimedial rektus (BMR) geriletme gibi cesitli yontemler onerilmistir.