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A group of small islands of the western Bahamas in the Straits of Florida. According to legend, the islands are the site of the Fountain of Youth sought by Juan Ponce de León.
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Employing 16 skilled staff, the company makes a range of sailing products including sails for boats ranging from small dingies to large yachts, spray hoods, Biminis and cushions.
who, in 1937, wrote in Atlantic Game Fishing: "The three factors responsible for Biminis prominence as a fishing center are, to my mind, the great depth of the water, the rapidly moving Gulf Stream current, and the abundance of fish which serve as food for the big fish" (41).
Hemingway and Bimini: The Birth of Sport Fishing at "The End of the World." Ashley Oliphant.
In 1948, Howard and his wife spent several months collecting in the Biminis, gathering 325 specimens.
Owners often enquire about adding hardtop Biminis to flybridges and aft areas, or extensions of length to transoms or topsides.
If it's a little late in the season to set up for a wahoo trip now, it's just beginning to be marlin time in the Biminis and other Bahamas fishing grounds.
Aside from the 206-gallon fuel capacity, our boat also has the Rough Water Package (aluminum tubes are .110 inch thick instead of .090 inch and all seams are joined with continuous welds), the Watersports Package (triple-tube setup, aluminum under sheeting and high-performance lifting strakes on all three pontoons), captain stand upgrade (includes a built-in stainless steel refrigerator, retractable wine rack and sink), double Bimini top (two 10-foot Biminis for maximum shade coverage), wakeboard tower (with Infinity tower speakers), colored wall skin upgrade (we chose black walls), sport graphics and simulated teak wood on the front deck instead of carpet.
A MID Wales company is launching a new product at the Southampton Boat Show 2009 next month which for the first time allows fully automated operation of canopies and biminis on luxury yachts and powerboats.