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In mathematical category theory, a generalization or abstraction of the concept of a structure-preserving function.
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4 The homomorphism [r.sub.H]: (H, x) [right arrow] ([[DELTA].sub.H], *) is a bimorphism, i.e., both a mono- and an epimorphism, for any quasi-hypergroup (H, x).
About 1000 10-bp primers differing in sequence were obtained from Operon Technologies (Alameda, CA) to screen the parents for amplicon presence (+)/absence (-), but only 370 of the primers produced an amplicon bimorphism. These primers were used to assay 20 random RILs to determine if the parental +/- amplicon difference actually segregated.
He is recognized as the discoverer of isomorphism, bimorphism and polymorphism in crystals, and he established the foundation of a chemical-crystallographic mineral system.