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A binary measure was constructed to reflect any cannabis use in the past year (1) versus no use (0).
A binary measure was created from response options of yes or no.
While the numbers of primary and secondary schools within each school size grouping were not sufficient to estimate separate ICC values adequately, subsequent analyses showed that the large ICC for perpetration of any type of bullying in smaller schools may be due to a high level of variability on this binary measure, particularly among the 28 smaller primary schools.
Apart from the binary measure for perpetration of any type of bullying, the non-metropolitan schools had higher or similar values to the metropolitan schools on all the measures, signifying more pronounced clustering of bullying and cyberbullying behaviours within certain non-metropolitan schools.
Rather than focus purely on a binary measure of compliance or non-compliance in the treatment group, the study looks at levels of compliance to treatment using a continuous measure of participation or fidelity.
Second, we created a binary measure reflecting whether or not respondents gave inflation expectations greater than 5%, retaining all responses.
We created a binary measure, by contrasting "I wish I'd waited longer" and "It shouldn't have happened at all" (indicating regret) with the remaining responses.
The first regression uses a binary measure of whether or not the child was raised in a family with income below 60% of median family income (approximately the poorest 10% of households in our sample).
We present the continuous model as a point of comparison to a binary measure of illicit drug exposure which is presented below.
Table 2 displays the descriptive statistics for the Level 1 and Level 2 binary measures by wave of data collection.
In general, binary measures analyzed via GLM with binomial and log-link function tend to evaluate drastic, long lasting changes, while the subtleties of local variations which characterize the dynamic of the organism activity usually go undetected.
By analogy with other studies of self-selected status, such as Lee's (1978), we constructed two simple binary measures of drug use in the year prior to interview.