Binary nomenclature

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(Nat. Hist.) nomenclature in which the names designate both genus and species.

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Our current system does follow Linnaeus in using binary nomenclature for names of species.
However, the use of binomials did not begin with Linnaeus (he did not consistently use them until after 1753); earlier workers who used binary nomenclature included Gesner (15 16- 1565) and Bauhin (1560-1624) (see Choate, 1912; Lawrence, 1951; Steam, 1957; Heller, 1964; Vaczy, 1971).
Ereshefsky (1999, 2001) discussed "several motivations" that Linnaeus had for adopting binary nomenclature, such as Linnaeus's belief that "[g]enera display the function of reproduction and that function is responsible for the existence of genera and species" (2001: 204-205).