floating point

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float′ing point′

a decimal point whose location is not fixed.
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He even writes a love letter to his love interest using binary numbers.
The note's design will reflect Turing's work and feature a ticker tape of binary numbers which translates to his birthday, i.e.
Electronic design can concatenate circuits that allow a huge number of independent states to occur, so that binary numbers in the form 01001011.....can be formed.
I have to admit to being fairly ignorant about how computers actually worked and I learnt and understood a lot more after reading this, I can now create my own binary numbers! This gives a good grounding for the subject and gives the reader some ideas about the different directions you can take with computer programming and the career paths available.
[direct sum] [cw.sub.nv] then (7) Modify the codeword of binary QR code image [T.sub.i] as [cw.sub.iv] = ~ [cw.sub.iv]; (8) end if (9) end for (10) end for (11) for i = 1 to n do (12) Replace the second significant bit plane of grayscale QR code image G[C.sub.i] with the modified QR code image [T.sub.i], and replace the last six significant bit planes with random binary numbers to generate grayscale share S[C.sub.i].
In his 'Line' Series, he integrates binary numbers; in his 'Mountain' Series, he inverts the ancient Chinese symbol for mountain.
Basic computer science concepts, such as nested repeats and binary numbers, are woven seamlessly into this thrilling action-adventure, written by talented storyteller and computer science teacher Gene Luen Yang.
The Yoruba innovation was to base the oracular feedback as much as possible on a neutral method of assessing the will of the divine, through binary numbers, rather than human interpretation.
(2)Quantizing direction value of minutia descriptor as 5-bit binary number, quantizing frequency value as four binary numbers, a total of 75 sample points can obtain 675 (75 x (5 +4)) bits binary number, then choosing the previous 500 binary
The addition and multiplication of two binary numbers are essential in high speed system such as DSP, Microprocessor etc.
Binary GCD algorithm [7] replaces the division operations by arithmetic shifts, comparisons, and subtraction depending on the fact that dividing binary numbers by its base 2 is equivalent to the right shift operation.