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Alfred, 1857–1911, French psychologist.
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Noun1.Binet - French psychologist remembered for his studies of the intellectual development of children (1857-1911)
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They don't sit outside the patterns," says Binet, "so it creates much more of a sense of community."
(1.2) [w.sub.1](x; [alpha]) = - log(1 - [alpha][e.sup.|x|]) on [-[infinity],[infinity]], 0 < [alpha] < 1, is what may be called the generalized Binet weight function.
Binet doesn't believe that such an eminent philosopher could die such an ordinary death.
Since the days of Binet, psychologists have agreed that intelligence is much more complex than a single number and may be in fact divided into many subcategories.
There are two staging systems, Binet and Rai, separating patients with different prognoses.2,3 Overall survival (OS) of patients with advanced disease has improved with the new treatment options.4 Previous studies have shown that treatment with chemotherapeutic agents does not translate into a survival advantage in patients without symptoms and an early-stage disease.5 The standard treatment of asymptomatic is a watch-and-wait strategy.
Binet sends his investigators to Italy, where they barely escape being blown up in the terrorist bombing of Central Station at Bologna, and to the United States, where they attend a conference on the "linguistic turn" at Cornell University.
The exhibition highlights the work of one of the key figures of architectural modernism in Cyprus through Binet's lens.
The third instance of French historiographic metafiction I want to consider is Laurent Binet's HHhH, published like Jan Karski in 2009 and translated into English as HHhH.
According to the Daily Star, the Belgian international, who signed from Everton for 27.5 million pounds, is thought to have a couple of friends living with him as he is leading a bachelor life after splitting from his long-term girlfriend, top Belgian model Lara Binet, shortly after signing for the Premier League champions.
The founder and perfumer of Hexarom, Kuniko Binet comments "The two perfumes are conceived especially for a couple.