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Consisting of three letters, especially of three consonants. Used chiefly of roots in Semitic languages.
1. A three-letter word or word element.
2. A triliteral root or word.


1. (Linguistics) having three letters
2. (Linguistics) (of a word root in Semitic languages) consisting of three consonants
(Linguistics) a word root of three consonants


(traɪˈlɪt ər əl)

1. using or consisting of three letters.
2. (of Semitic roots) consisting of three consonants.
3. a triliteral word or root.

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Traig's rest is interrupted, though, when he is drawn into the town's drama over the construction of a large tower by the mysterious Binyan family.
China's leading investigative journalist Liu Binyan was expelled from the Party for publishing many explosive pieces that exposed Communist bureaucratic wrongdoings.
Presented in alphabetical order, they include Xi Jinping, Qiao Shi, Li Peng, Jet Li, Liu Xiaobo, Liu Binyan, Lang Lang, Bruce Lee, Yao Ming, and Qian Xuesen.
The journalist Liu Binyan, the educator Fang Lizhi, and the intellectual Wang Ruowang were expelled from the party.
According to Yang Binyan, general secretary of the National Public Opinion Poll Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, surveys in twenty Chinese cities covering more than 2,000 residents showed that Chinese who have a "good impression" of North Korea increased from less than 25 percent in May to 31.
The five categories of Tense/Mood that are grammatically marked in Modern Hebrew are illustrated in Table 1 for the two verb-roots r-q-d 'dance' and g-d-l 'grow' in three different morphological binyan 'conjugation' patterns.
96) In 1375, a palace servant asked the head eunuch Li Binyan of the Dianli jicha si office to deliver a copy of Hongwu's own anthology to the official Song Lian.
Binyan Mohammed, Deghayes and the other former prisoners are seeking to sue the Government for complicity in torture, and the Government and security services wanted to use secret information in their defence at the High Court.
Perhaps it would be better for us all if Binyan Mohamed was deported back to Ethiopia.
Rabbi Qvadiah Yosef: Recording on an electronic device on Shabbat does not count as binyan ("building").
After the meeting, Binyan said that he had informed the French minister of the invitation to French companies to activate their role in Iraq's southern part, especially Thi-Qar province, where investment opportunities are suitable.
Looking at a display of pictures of centipedes, crickets, and snakes that were alleged to be part of a US germ warfare campaign, twenty-three-year-old teacher Wang Binyan told Glionna, "This museum is not biased.