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(ˌbaɪ oʊˈsɛn trɪk)

centered in life; having life as its principal fact.
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However, in Chatelet's particular take on the tradition of Naturphilosophie there is also a prescient resonance for what one could call a resurgent metaphysics of non-propositional thought, that reexplores and brings fresh provocations to a whole spectrum of relations between the physical, biological and the mental, opening to new negotiation supposedly familiar positions like panpsychism, organicism and a more recent category like biocentrism. In a tentative generalization, one could characterize the nonpropositional as an alternative offered by an updated Naturphilosophie against a restricted form of "naturalization" in the image of neural correlates approaches.
Mountaineering, River Rafting Following AI-based technologies and products Interests in Biocentrism. PERSONAL What is your favourite film?
Bioethical Dilemmas demonstrates how complexity theory and biocentrism
With Chapter 2 entitled 'Ideas', the author moves to the present day and furnishes the major notions that currently circulate within environmental political discourse: anfhropocentrism and biocentrism; future generations; deep and shallow ecology; and the possibility of a technological fix for environmental problems.
Biocentrism: The view that life is central to being, reality and the cosmos, point of view that places the greatest importance on individual living beings or biological components of the environment rather than on the geological elements.
On the one hand, many outdoor and environmental activists, philosophers, and educators view anthropocentrism as an undesirable ethical position and valorise conceptual alternatives signified by terms such as "biocentrism" and/or "ecocentrism." On the other hand, many reports of outdoor and environmental education research privilege an anthropocentric gaze, which assumes autonomous human subjects as starting points for knowledge production and the focus of attention for data production and analysis.
DAVID RICE, "Biocentrism in Environmental Ethics." Adviser: Richard Lee.
Uma das correntes de pensamento que hoje em dia sustenta esses ideais leva o nome de "ecologia profunda" "deep ecology", por vezes referida como biocentrism, ecocentrism.
CONCERNED ABOUT MORTALITY, I flipped to the back page of the new book Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness, and the Illusion of Death to learn about its main author.
He ran for Parliament as a Green Party candidate and supported local ecological causes-but his main effort went into his Deep Green Blog, where he strove to create a philosophical position called "left biocentrism" that blended the essence of his earlier Marxism with the tenets of deep ecology.