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1. The study of the chemical substances and vital processes occurring in living organisms; biological chemistry; physiological chemistry.
2. The chemical composition of a particular living system or biological substance: viral biochemistry.

bi′o·chem′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj. & n.
bi′o·chem′i·cal·ly adv.
bi′o·chem′ist n.
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Adj.1.biochemical - of or relating to biochemistrybiochemical - of or relating to biochemistry; involving chemical processes in living organisms
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كيميائي حَيَوي


[ˈbaɪəʊˈkemɪkəl] ADJbioquímico
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[ˌbaɪəʊˈkɛmɪkəl] adj [change, reaction, mechanism] → biochimique
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[ˌbaɪəʊˈkɛmɪkl] adjbiochimico/a
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(baiəˈkemistri) noun
the chemistry of living things. He is studying the biochemistry of the blood; (also adjective) a biochemistry lecture.
ˌbioˈchemical (-mikəl) adjective
ˌbioˈchemist noun
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a. bioquímico-a, rel. a la bioquímica.
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adj bioquímico
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Novozymes started its research in biochemicals in 2006 and has since initiated a number of highly technically challenging projects to enable sustainable and cost-competitive production of biochemicals.
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