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 (bē-ō′kō) Formerly Fer·nan·do Po (fər-năn′dō pō′)
An island of Equatorial Guinea in the Gulf of Guinea.
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(Placename) an island in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Cameroon: part of Equatorial Guinea. Capital: Malabo. Area: 2017 sq km (786 sq miles). Former names: Fernando Po (until 1973) or Macías Nguema (1973–79)
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(biˈoʊ koʊ)

an island in the Bight of Biafra, near the W coast of Africa: a province of Equatorial Guinea. 80,000; ab. 800 sq. mi. (2072 sq. km). Formerly, Fernando Po, Macías Nguema Biyogo.
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Noun1.Bioko - an island in the Gulf of Guinea that is part of Equatorial GuineaBioko - an island in the Gulf of Guinea that is part of Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Spanish Guinea - a country of west central Africa (including islands in the Gulf of Guinea); became independent from Spain in 1968
Malabo - the capital and largest city of Equatorial Guinea on the island of Bioko in the Gulf of Guinea
Gulf of Guinea - a gulf off the southwest coast of Africa
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Further, Equatorial Guinea has set ambitious goals for its gas sector development including Alen Gas and Condensate Field on Bioko Island, which is said to 600 billion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent and the construction of a natural gas mega-hub project, which have resulted in it leading the LNG2Africa initiative which aims to create a continental gas market.
Ana Luica Sa and Pieter Boele von Hensbroek (Chapters Six and Seven) discuss the concept of 'land' in Bioko (formerly Equatorial Guinea) and early Gold Coast (Ghana).
Phiri et al., "Trends in parasite prevalence following 13 years of malaria interventions on Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea: 2004-2016," Malaria Journal, vol.
As Aixela shows ("Equatorial Guinean" 51), there are other two minorities: the Bisio (who maintain a clan organization on territory that is not clearly defined) and the Fernandinos, originally from Sierra Leona and Ghana (brought by the British to the island of Bioko to work the plantations where they mixed with descendants of freed slaves from Liberia), whose language is English and are of the Protestant faith, unlike the rest of the groups who combine Catholicism and ancestral rite.
Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), the world's most trusted provider of highly reliable, fully managed, remote communication and IT solutions, has announced that the company has been selected to provide Middle Earth Orbit (MEO) Ka-band managed communications services to a production asset owned and operated by a major US-based operator in Equatorial Guinea on Bioko Island, off the coast of West Africa, the company said.
Nesting populations by contribution (largest to lowest): CR: Tortuguero, Costa Rica; MEX: Quintana Roo, Mexico; EcFL: East Central Florida, USA; SUR: Matapica and Galibi, Suriname; CUB: southwest Cuba; SFL: Florida, USA; GB: Poilao, Guinea-Bissau; ASC: Ascension Island; AV: Aves Island, Venezuela; BUC: Buck Island; TRI: Trindade Island, Brazil; RC/FN: Rocas Atol and Fernando Noronha, Brazil; BIO: Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea; STP: Sao Tome and Principe.
She had lived on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, during October 2015-March 2016 while studying local wildlife.