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The process of leaching metals from ore by using bacteria or fungi to convert the metals into a soluble form.

bi′o·leached′ adj.
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Bioleaching of complex zinc sulphides using mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria: comparative importance of pH and iron.
Biotechnology particularly bioleaching, is regarded as one of the most promising solution to these problems, because it has the potential of reducing the capital cost of intervention and offers the opportunity to reduce environmental pollution [12].
This month's issue features a look at the unique bioleaching process that cleans mine tailings while recovering the precious resources left behind.
We have devised a project regarding the leaching, bioleaching, and production of copper sulfate solution from this dust.
Other chapters discuss minimally invasive procedures to treat breast and ovarian cancers; gene expression and radiation nephropathy; DNA microarray methods; genetic fingerprinting methods for the characterization of bioleaching microorganisms and applications to marine organisms; working with degraded samples; and genetic markers for external visible traits.
Khalid did his Ph.D from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 1979, He was trained in Mineral Biotechnology where he has been involved in developing the process for bioleaching of Uranium.
Significantly, bacteria endowed with such heavy metal transporter proteins are now being exploited commercially in a process termed "Bioleaching".
CanBiomine is focused on recovering base metals and precious metals from mine waste dumps and tailings dams using bioleaching technology.