birth parent

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birth parent

also birth·par·ent (bûrth′pâr′ənt, -păr′-)
One's biological parent.

birth′ par`ent

a parent who has conceived or sired rather than adopted a child and whose genes are therefore transmitted to the child. Also called biological parent.
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Do they get involved in discipline or let the biological parent be bad cop?
If a child living with his or her biological parents is permitted to bring a legal action against a biological parent for sexual abuse, is it not compelling that, all the more so, a child living in foster care can also bring a similar action?
Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) has reported that the indulgence of adoption placement agencies in malpractices in offering children for adoption to foreign couples without the permission of their biological parent (s) or guardian is a remote possibility for the following reasons:
Using Positive Adoption Language Say Don't Say Birth parent, birth Real parent or natural parent mother, birth father or biological parent Birth child Own child, real child, natural child, unwed mother, unwed father, illegitimate child, or unwanted child Make an adoptive Give up, surrender, give away, plan, transfer adopt out parental rights Mother, father, or Adoptive parent parents Special needs Hard-to-place child Say Why?
Were I the biological parent, or the adoptive parent, I would have fought tooth and nail to hold on to my child.
The analysis revealed six central narratives of parental incapability in court decisions: a child whose needs are not being provided for; biological parents who fail to meet the child's minimal needs; lack of objective parental capacity; the biological parent's opposition to the compulsory adoption is based on egocentric motivations; the biological parent's incapacity, described as contradicting the archetypical family, is contrasted with the capacities of the adoptive parents who can offer the child a more appropriate family environment.
A second parent adoption allows a non-biological parent to adopt without cutting off the rights of a biological parent.
The brand is offering an 'Other Mothers' contest for any relative, friend, or foster parent who has raised a child in absence of a biological parent.
Researchers are seeking 300 volunteers with a biological parent with a known genetic mutation causing rare and typically early-onset forms of the disorder to join the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer's Disease Network (DIAN) study, a six-year, $16 million study funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
If the biological parent is away, and the child gets sick and they have to go to the hospital, and the doctor wants the parent to sign a consent, there has to be the ability to do that," said lawyer Alf Mamo.
Importantly, from the elaborate matrix of relationships, the children in a household in wave one can be identified as living with both biological parents who may or may not be married; living with only one biological parent who may or may not live with a partner, or may be a lone parent; or living with no biological or adopted parent.

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