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a.1.Relating to biomagnetism.
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Cosmosoft's innovative approach aims to eliminate fat through biomagnetic field activation.
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For biology and medicine, they note that effective magnetic shielding could be useful for biomagnetic signal measurements or for the investigation of magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy.
The induced expectation for one of the yoga classes (as determined by coin flip) was presented in the form of a fake biomagnetic titanium silicone bracelet.
Bioelectromagnetism: Principles and applications of bioelectric and biomagnetic fields.
AMB-1) were required for biomagnetic nanoparticle formation.
The SQUID magnetometer, a new device used by conventional researchers, measures biomagnetic fields emitted from the heart, brain, and muscles.
The superconducting detection channel is hosted in a low noise dewar for biomagnetic applications, originally designed for MEG (CTF Systems, Inc, model SST-160 custom).
28), (29) These include quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and sophisticated research methods that are not readily available, such as SQUID or biomagnetic liver susceptometry and transverse magnetic relaxation rate.