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(ˈbaɪ ɒn)

fl. c100 B.C., Greek pastoral poet.
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The contemplative atheist is rare: a Diagoras, a Bion, a Lucian perhaps, and some others; and yet they seem to be more than they are; for that all that impugn a received religion, or superstition, are by the adverse part branded with the name of atheists.
(The poem imitates the Greek elegies, of which the earliest now preserved was the Lament by Bion for Adonis, the mythological youth beloved by Venus.) Shelley seems to have invented the name 'Adonais' (standing for 'Keats') on analogy with 'Adonis.' Stanzas 17,
Para eso, como nos mostro Bion, ese gran inventor de ficciones, tenemos que escaparnos de denominaciones clasificatorias: psicopata antisocial, depresivo suicida con mutilaciones masoquistas, perverso, esquizofrenia simple, y tratar de acompanar la experiencia clinica estableciendo un punto (.), una interseccion, que como una burbuja (y dure lo que dure) establezca un espacio con un poco de aire y paredes que sustraigan del devenir incesante de la vertiente tanatica.
The original point of view of Brindusa Orasanu's book consists of straining this Kleinian view according to which projective identification appears like an omnipotent phantasy, analysing the way some authors contemporary with Klein or post-Kleinian authors, such as Paula Heimann, Balint, Fairbairn and especially Bion, Winnicott or Michel de M'Uzan, implicitly refer to this Kleinian concept and re-interpret it in their fashion.
Last year, however, Al Rawi, moved into manufacturing, with Bion Industrial's launch of three tipper trailers incorporating SSAB's wear-resistant Hardox steel and sporting a half-pipe design that was arrived at over the course of three years of conceptual design work and 18 months of engineering.
"Bion Industrial tipper trailers' versatility, operational efficiency and high performance at lower operational costs have enabled the company to supply products to four out of the top five major heavy transport companies in the UAE," said Noas Al Rawi, CEO of Bion Group.
El caso de Wilfred Ruprecht Bion es tan solo uno mas en este aspecto, sin embargo, por lo que atane al impacto de la guerra en sus cavilaciones teoricas, destaca entre sus colegas.
Para los analisis se utilizo la tecnica propuesta por Bion (1962/2008) llamada revision meditativa, que permite ir evaluando los usos y evolucion del pensar y los pensamientos de los participantes, asi como la generacion de hipotesis comprensivas que se consolidan o se descartan durante el proceso.
Ha indicios de que uma boa governanca parece ter influenciado a decisao, tomada no decorrer dessa pesquisa, de passar estes equipamentos para a DTI, reconhecida pela BION como melhor capacitada para a gestao da nova infraestrutura.
Arsenal scouted the defender in Basel's 4-1 win over FC Bion last week and it is believed that they will continue to check on the composed centre-back before the January transfer window.
S - Undercover cop uncovers corruption THTC - Jimmy Cliff movie HIGA - Whitesnake classic BITHLA - Steve Winwood hit from the mid-80s BION - Sean Lock looks at some extraordinary TV output TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the Noel Coward comedy 1 Abnormally high body temperature prone to happen on a Saturday Night, maybe (5); 2 Cut and dried grass (3).
Bion may offer a particularly valuable framework for formulating emotional pain.